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Who Should Upload Videos Hazards & Journals?
Getting Started

Start with Safety Professionals

Safety Professionals should "seed" a SafetySpectrum Community of Practice (CoP) by going around to locations to video and map the "Video Hazards". As they capture location based unique hazards there is often knowledge that should be captured like local safe work practices and newly learned technical knowledge required to navigate irreversible, critical steps that can cause harm if an error is made. These are captured as "Video Journals"

Expand to Team & Other Safety Leaders

Anyone can watch a safety video but 80% of the power of using a SafetySpectrum CoP comes from having team and other safety leaders video capture newly discovered hazards and technical knowledge. Here is what happens when Safety Professionals create seed videos and then teach Team and Safety Leaders to capture videos into the SafetySpectrum CoP:
- They will be more engaged.
- Watching videos makes them a student, creating videos makes them a safety leader and a teacher.
- Creating a video causes them to think deeply and critically about assessing the risk of a hazard relative to a "safety briefing".
- Most importantly: Creating videos enables them to communicate hazards and technical knowledge that is important to them.

Crowdsource the Workforce Knowledge about Emerging Hazards

SafetySpectrum runs best at scale by crowdsourcing an Organization's workforce knowledge about emerging hazards to protect the workforce from emerging hazards. A network of Team & Safety Leaders along with every person in the Organization who has a mobile device connection (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) to the Organization's SafetySpectrum CoP is one of the success keys for a Safety Professional to remotely "scale" safety and protection across growing and large workforces.