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How Do I Upload a Video? (private or shared)
Getting Started

Upload to Your Private Me Area
- Click the Me >> Upload Private

Upload to Shared Us and Find a Video Areas
- Click the Home >> Upload Shared

Upload directly to a Library Catalog
- Click the Library and scroll down to the Catalog
- On the right of the Catalog click the "camera lens" icon

iOS and MacOS Uploading Process
- Choose Use Video Camera & Post -OR- Post from Camera Roll
- Add Geolocation? (default is ON)
- Choose Safety Spectrum element (default is Journal)
- Fill Out the Title & Description
- Choose Resolution and the iOS App will "Stage" a copy at the desired resolution
- When staging completes button will change from staging to upload, press upload

Web Uploading Process
- Web App ONLY uploads to private Me area
- Web App does NOT capture geolocation (it can be added later using the mobile app in the video's detail view)
- Fill Out the Title & Description

√ Apple iOS App
√ Apple MacOS App
X Apple Watch App
X Apple TV App
√ Web App