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KnowledgeKeeper ② Safety Spectrum
What's New?

What's New in Version 2.0.0
• Support for iOS 14
• Support for Dark Mode
• Collaboration: Helpfuls are now Up & Down Voted
• Home: Popular Video Journals are now Helpful Video Journals
• Context Menus: Goodbye Force Touch, Hello Long Press!
• NEW Status Bar: New indicators for resolution [4K] and geolocation [Loc]
• NEW Introducing "Safety Spectrum" with Video Hazards & Video Journals
• In-The-Vin map has been redesigned to visually map the Safety Spectrum
• Upload: Choose uploaded video to be: Hazard or Journal
• Upload: Privacy Levels are Auto set: Me (private), Shared, Published
• Fixed Bug: iOS 13+ videos stored in iCloud are now correctly downloaded
• Fixed Bug: Us: Company Groups: Swipe left actions are now working correctly again
• Other Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements