At OpCon Technologies our higest priority is to carefully and securely manage your data that you entrust us with. This Data Management Policy applies to all of the customer data uploaded by the customer to the SafetySpectrum Software as a Service system that is owned and operated by OpCon Technologies, Inc.


The purpose of the SafetySpectrum Data Management Policy is to provide guidelines for the management of and access to data uploaded by SafetySpectrum users into SafetySpectrum, metadata created by the SafetySpectrum system or both. This policy describes the roles and responsibilities of the individuals charged with the creation, use and stewardship of this information.


This policy covers data stored on OpCon Technologies SafetySpectrum servers and databases. It is not intended to cover information on individual employee or customer desktop, laptop and mobile devices except as it relates to information that was extracted from the SafetySpectrum web and mobile applications.


It is the policy of OpCon Technologies that data and information will be available to all actively registered SafetySpectrum persons as well as all OpCon Technologies Inc. employees as it is necessary to perform the functions required by their position at the OpCon Technologies. The access will be available as necessary and relevant as determined by appropriate authorization of both the employee's supervisor and the owner of the data.


The following definitions apply throughout this policy:

  • Unrestricted Data
    Data that is available to the general public and has no restrictions on it.
  • Sensitve Data
    Data for which users must obtain specific permission to access and or alter. Data in this category will cause perceivable damage to OpCon Technologies or it customers by its unauthorized disclosure, alteration and/or destruction.
  • Critical Data
    Data which is either protected by laws (Federal Power Act (FPA), Cyber Security Enhancement Act of 2010, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), Department of Transportation (DOT) etc.) or such that compromise of information will severely impact the cyber security of either OpCon Technologies, Inc. or its customers.
  • Account Authorizing Person
    Customer person(s) who control the access of customer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and customer Viewers to the customer's SafetySpectrum account.
  • Subject Matter Expert Person
    Customer persons who capture video procedures, methods and observations while they execute these procedures and then upload them into the customer's SafetySpectrum account.
  • Private Viewer Person
    Customer persons who watch and provide feedback on video procedures, methods and observations that are available to them in the customer's SafetySpectrum account.
  • SafetySpectrum Person
    A user who has been registered and has access to a SafetySpectrum account. A SafetySpectrum person always belongs to one of these groups: Account Authorizing, SMEs or Private Viewers.
  • Supervisor Approval
    A Subject Matter Expert or Viewer who supervises the work and approves or disapproves the content captured by the Subject Matter Expert who captured the video procedure, method or observation.
  • Master Video Files
    The original video files (masters) that were uploaded by the customer's subject matter expert into the customer's SafetySpectrum account.
  • Transcription Files
    Speech to text metadata created by SafetySpectrum for the purpose of making all speech searchable in the customer uploaded video procedures, methods and observations.

Requesting Data Access

SafetySpectrum persons requiring access must complete an online access request form.

Submitted access requests can are tracked and can only be approved by the customer's Account Authorizing Person.

All access will be reviewed manually by the customer's Authorizing Person(s) to ensure that access is appropriate.

Revocation of Data Access

End of Affiliation: It is up to the Account Authorizing Person to withdraw data access rights for any SafetySpectrum person in the account. All Data Access will end when the user's affiliation with the customer's company ends for any reason.

Violation of Policies and Laws: Access to SafetySpectrum may be temporarily suspended or permanently cancelled for violations of SafetySpectrum policies or violation federal data or cyber security laws.

Periodic Transfer of Data to Customer

As a best practice OpCon encourages that the customer request a minimum of one annual electronic transfer of Master Video Files and Transcription Files from OpCon's content development (CDN) servers to a customer server made accessible by the customer to OpCon employees.

Annual data transfer is performed at no charge to the customer. More frequent data transfers can be requested at an additional charge to the SafetySpectrum subscription base cost.

The status of the data transfer will be reflected in the customer's monthly usage report.

Deletion of Data

Deleted data is recoverable for a period of up to 90 days. Deletion of a customer account and all account data occurs 12 months after the customer's Account Authorizing Person terminates the contact. Deletion of a customer Account and all data is irreversible and can not be recovered.

Customer's Responsibilities

The customer's responsibilities are covered in SafetySpectrum terms of service.

Ownership of Data

Ownership of data is covered in SafetySpectrum terms of service.